Denison Hydraulic Pumps

Denison Hydraulic Pumps

Parker Hannifin, formerly Denison Hydraulics, is a leading industrial manufacturer, providing highly engineered hydraulic fluid power systems and Denison hydraulic pumps…

Denison Hydraulic pumps have a multitude of applications: from mobile equipment used in the construction, demolition, agricultural, mining and utilities industries, to machinery used in industrial manufacturing and marine equipment in both commercial and military sea vessels. The product range includes:

Hydraulic Vane Pumps and Hydraulic Motors

Denison Hydraulics produce a full range of hydraulic vane pumps and hydraulic motors that operate at pressures in excess of 4,500 pounds per square inch (“psi”) and vary in size from 0.35 cubic inches to 16 cubic inches, and in displacement from 1 to 250 gallons per minute (“gpm”). Some of the range of Denison hydraulic pumps are recognised as among the strongest products in the hydraulics industry and are distinguished by their unique patented double-lip design, in which the vane is in contact with the cam ring at two points rather than at one as with the single-lip design. This double-lip design makes Parker Hannifin HPD’s hydraulic vane pumps less susceptible to contamination than single-lip pumps.

Denison Hydraulics vane pumps are manufactured in the following configurations:

  • T6B, T7B, T6C, T6D, T6E, T6CM, T6CP, T6DM, T6EM, T6CR, T6DR, T6ER and T6CSH single pumps
  • T7BB, T67BB, T67CB, T67DB, T67EB, T6CC, T6DC, T6EC, T6ED, T6CCM, T6DCH, T6ECM and T6EDM double pumps
  • T67DBB, T67DCB, T67EDB, T6DCC, T6EDC, T6DCCM, T6EDCM, T6DCCR and T6EDCR triple pumps

Hydraulic Piston Pumps and Hydraulic Motors

Denison Hydraulic PumpsA full range of Denison hydraulic pumps are on offer. These specialised hydraulic pumps operate at pressures as high as 7,250 pounds per square inch (“psi”) and vary in size from 0.9 cubic inches to 38.9 cubic inches, and in displacement from 11 to 303 gallons per minute (“gpm”). They are well-known in the hydraulics industry for their large-size hydraulic piston pumps, offered under their Gold Cup and Premier Series. Denison Hydraulics large-size hydraulic piston pumps are distinguished by their proprietary “barrel-bearing” design, which enables their pumps to run in stable conditions at high speeds and pressures. Their sturdy hydraulic piston pump construction results in a longer life cycle in severe duty applications such as heavy mining equipment and aircraft carrier steering systems.

The piston range of Denison hydraulic pumps are manufactured in the following configurations:

  • PV6, PV10, PV15, PV20, PVM20, PV29, PVT6, PVT10, PVT15, PVT20, PVR20, PVT29, PVT38, PVT47 and PVT64
  • Gold Cup series hydraulic piston pumps for closed and open loop circuits: P6, P7, P8, P11, P14, P24 and P30
  • World Cup series hydraulic piston pumps: P6W, P6T, P7W, P8W and P8T
Denison PVT Piston Pump Denison Gold Cup Pump Denison T6C Vane Pump

Denison Hydraulics also manufactures fixed displacement, dual displacement, and variable displacement radial piston motors under the Calzoni brand.

Denison Calzoni radial LHST (LOW Speed High Torque) hydraulic motors are available in many configurations including single and 2 speed versions, with models including the MR series ranging from 33cc up to 7000cc and the MRE series ranging from 330cc up to 8200cc. Larger displacements are available in the MRT, MRTE and MRTF hydraulic motor series ranging 7100cc up to 23000cc displacement.

Dual displacement radial piston motors are available in the MRD and MRDE model series and variable displacement radial piston motors in the MRV and MRVE series range from 300cc up to 8200cc.

Denison Valves

Denison Hydraulic PumpsHydraulics manufacture four types of hydraulic valves including: directional control valves which alter the path of pressurized fluid through the hydraulic systems; pressure control valves which regulate the pressure of the hydraulic fluid; flow control valves which match the hydraulic fluid’s flow with the requirements of the system; and hydraulic check valves which allow fluid to pass in one direction and not the other. Denison Hydraulics valves are used in a variety of commercial settings, including injection moulding, metal and material forming, mobile equipment such as cranes, and marine systems such as ship-mounted winches. They are one of the few hydraulic manufacturers of flange mounted pressure control valves, a design that enables the hydraulic valve to be attached directly to another hydraulic component, versus more traditional valve designs that must be connected to the associated hydraulic components with hydraulic lines, which tends to be more expensive and less effective at controlling leaks than flange mounting.


Denison Hydraulics high-quality hydraulic manifolds offer a number of features unique to those of competitors. Their hydraulic manifolds are machined steel or aluminium blocks that act as housing for surface mounted, or cartridge valves, which control the operation of a wide variety of hydraulic equipment such as presses, bailers, lifting devices, and mobile machinery and equipment. Hydraulic manifolds are utilized in conjunction with hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic valves to form a complete hydraulic system.

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